New Active Directory via Samba4

Step 6: Integrate SysVol Replication

Everything has to be done on the Domain Controller with the FSMO Role on it. In our case it is dc1. First we need some programs to get everything done for replication. To get it working we use rsync with unison.

On dc2 we need rsync and unison too.

The next step is to establish the connection via ssh. So just create a ssh-key, copy it over to dc2 and verify the connection.

Now setup the SSH Control to reuse the connection.

Create the logfile and adjust permissions

Next step. Create configuration for unison

To ensure everything is working run this command on dc1

Now we want to do the first run. Please make a backup of your sysvol.

If everything is working we need a cronjob to keep everything in sync.

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