New Active Directory via Samba4

Step 5: Preparing and joining the second Domain Controller

In my environment the second domain controller is named dc2. Ensure that this name is set in every place. Than you have to set the DNS Server to reach the realm. In /etc/resolv.conf insert the IP of dc1 as nameserver and test it.

Install all Samba-Packages. During this installation it detect the kerberos information via DNS and your FQDN-Hostname and configure it. After installing test the kerberos connection

Disable default Samba Services and rename the default samba configuration

Now we are ready to join the server to Active Directory as a Domain Controller

Now add the lines from dc1 to the samba configuration „global“ directive.

Now start, enable and test the samba service.

Rename the default kerberos configuration, link the samba kerberos configuration and test the configuration.

Now test the DNS Records

After everything is up and running we should verify the ldap replication between dc1 and dc2. To do this create a user on dc2 and look up on dc1 for this new user.

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